Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS)
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Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society

Introduction of FACS
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Address: 12 Krivokolennyi per., 101000 Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (007-095)-928 13 51, 921 74 10, Fax (007-095)-923 43 54

Department of International Relations: 
Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry 
of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 
31 Leninsky prospekt, 117907 Moscow, Russia
Name of contact person: Vice-President, Professor N.N.Kulov
Tel.: (007-095)- 954 53 91, Fax: (007-095)-954 12 79, 
E-mail: kulov@ionchran.rinet.ru 

Mission Statement:
The Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society is a voluntary noncommercial public organization uniting specialists in chemistry working in the fields of scientific investigations, industry, education. The scope of the Society consists in furthering the progress of chemistry, the chemical industry and the teaching of chemistry in Russia. The total number of fully registered members is now in excess of 1800 (Jan'2000). 

The Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society was founded in 1868 and now has 45 regional organizations. There are the following Sections: History of Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical and Colloidal Chemistry, Electrochemistry, General and Inorganic Chemistry, High-molecular Compounds, Catalysis, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Ecology, Technology of Inorganic Substances, Building Materials, Food Chemistry, Agrochemistry, Rubber and Tyres, Chemistry for Biomedicine, Computational and Quantum Chemistry, Information in Chemistry, Lacquers and Dyes, Glass and Ceramics, Chemical Industrial Economics, Membrane Club.

The financial expenditure of the Society are covered by individual membership fees (1% of a minimum wage), membership fees of collective members and sponsor fees.

The membership of the Society is open to engineers, technicians, teachers, students, and researchers in universities, research institutes and industry, as well as to foreign chemists and chemical companies. 

The highest governing bodies of the regional organizations are their regional Conferences. The Supervising Board of the Society, President, Vice-Presidents are re-elected every 3 years by the Congress of the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society. The Supervising Board elects from its members the Presidium and a Scientific Secretary. The Presidium and the Supervising Board govern the work of regional organizations. The Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society has the Management Department heading by Executive Director. 

Publications, journals, magazines:
The "Russian Chemical Journal" ( bi-monthly) and bulletin of the Mendeleev Chemical Society " Chemistry in Russia" ( monthly).

The Society has its own library.

Other useful information:
Every four years the Society, together with the Russian Academy of Sciences, organizes the Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry and awards every two years the golden Mendeleev medal for outstanding work in chemistry.

Under the auspices of the Mendeleev Chemical Society there are the Association on Chemical Education and Association on Chromatography.

The Society is a member of the Federation of European Chemical Societies, the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, and the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies.

The Society is a member of the Federation of Mendeleev chemical societies.
President : 
Professor P.D.Sarkisov, Mendeleev
University of Chemical Technology of 
Russia, Miusskaya pl. 9, 125190 Moscow,

Professor A.I.Konovalov
Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry
Arbuzov Street, 8, 420083 Kazan, Russia

Professor N.N.Kulov Kurnakov Institute of 
General and Inorganic Chemistry of the
Russian Academy of Sciences,
Leninsky prospekt 31, 117907 Moscow, 

Professor N.Z.Lyakhov
Institute of Solid State Chemistry of the
Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of 
Sciences, Kutateladze ul. 18, 630128 
Novosibirsk, Russia
E-mail: lyakhov@solid.nsk.su

Executive Director : 
Mr.S.Temkin The Mendeleev Russian 
Chemical Society 12 Krivokolennyi per.
101000 Moscow, Russia

Scientific Secretary: 
Mrs.N.R.Kosinova The Mendeleev Russian
Chemical Society 12 Krivokolennyi per.,
101000 Moscow, Russia

The Russian representative for the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies: 
Professor V.N.Parmon
Boreskov Institute of Catalysis
Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Prospekt Ak.Lavrenteva, 5
Novosibirsk 630090, Russia
Tel.: (007-3832)-34 32 69
Fax: (007-3832)-35 57 66

From left to right (standing): Professor N.N.Kulov (Vice-president), Professor G.F.Tereschenko (Vice-president), Professor P.V.Sarkisov  (President), Professor A.I.Rusanov  (Past President), Professor    A.I. Konovalov (Vice-president), Mr.S.M.Temkin (Executive Director) and seating Dr.N.R.Kosinova (Scientific Secretary) at the meeting of Presidium of Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society.